If You Are Here,
checking out this site, it is probably because you are 'suffering' in some way and seeking a remedy. You may be stressed, anxious, fearful, confused, overwhelmed, depressed, in physical pain or you 'just can't stop thinking all the time.' And you've heard that mindfulness may help you.
Apparently these symptoms were around 2500 years ago which is why the Buddha offered mindfulness meditation, part of an overall approach
to Life, as a means to 'free' yourself from whatever ails you.
The practice of meditation is still around today in many forms, mindfulness being one of them.
A very simple and practical way of redefining and healing yourself. Available to anyone, doesn't cost much and you don't even have to be a Buddhist
to do it.

So, what is it?

Here's my favorite definition (for today):
Mindfulness is an intentional, sustained, heightened and relaxed awareness of whatever is happening in this present moment.
It is part of an overall way of being in which you cultivate a clear, calm, focused mind, inner content- ment and a healthy approach to Life.
You respond more effectively to Life's issues, with greater wisdom and compassion. You are at ease, spontaneous and much more creative....and that's just the beginning!

Meditation 'Practice'

We practice this subtle way of being, this new way of relating to...everything (family, career, friends, possessions, our thoughts, even our 'selves') so we can feel  this way in everyday Life, in all that we do. To be at ease, struggle less, flow more and become better human beings.

What is MBSR?
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is a program developed by researcher and author, Jon Kabat Zinn at the UMass Medical Center in 1979. Since then, thousands of people from around the world have benefited from the course, learning to better cope with stress,chronic pain and various illnesses.
The 6 week course includes instruction in different mindfulness meditation practices, gentle yoga exercises, group discussions, daily home assignments and readings from Zinn's book, 'Wherever You Go, There You Are'.
Kerry completed his internship at the Umass Stress Reduction Clinic in 2000 and has been teaching the MBSR program ever since. For more info go to the UMass, Center for Mindfulness website at www.umassmed.edu/Content.aspx?id=41252